3 Questions to Ask if You’re Filing a Bankruptcy Case

There are 3 questions to ask if you’re thinking about filing a bankruptcy case. Preferential Payments and Transfers First, is your case going to be approved by the Court? As an attorney, I want to know if clients have engaged in any questionable practices in the recent past. Specifically, have they sold or transferred any assets to “insiders” (definition: family … Read More

Does My Spouse Need to File Bankruptcy With Me?

Does My Spouse Need to File Bankruptcy With Me? This is a frequent question, so here are the pros and cons. Please remember that my answer is written only for those people living in Pennsylvania. The short answer is no, your spouse does not necessarily need to file. If your spouse doesn’t want to file, then they won’t be required … Read More

Got a Lot of Debt? Here are your Four Options

The Four Options for Getting Out of Debt When I meet with new bankruptcy clients for the first time, we review all of their options with respect to handling their debts. The reason they’ve contacted a bankruptcy lawyer is because they aren’t satisfied with their first option. So exactly what is that first option? Option Number One: Make Payment Arrangements … Read More