My office handles IRS tax problem resolution cases. If you are receiving threatening letters or notices from the IRS, are having your wages garnished, are experiencing a bank levy or the IRS has filed a lien against you or you owe payroll taxes, then my law office can help you! You have built your life and your company. Don’t let the IRS destroy it simply because you don’t know how to defend yourself.

If you have an IRS tax problem, then it’s likely that you’re experiencing the following feelings:

  • Stressed out;
  • Having a problem sleeping at night;
  • Arguing with your spouse;
  • Facing a possible separation or divorce;
  • Feeling like there is no possible way out of your problem;
  • Having a hard time completing work assignments;
  • Worrying about what you will say to the IRS;
  • Thinking that you may have an eventual criminal problem


Okay, take a deep breath.   Remember that over 13 Million Americans are involved with the Collections Division of the IRS.   Yes, we all know that the IRS can be a tough adversary.

But once you learn some of the rules that the IRS uses, then

If you hire my office, then I take over all communications with the IRS. You will no longer have to worry about an IRS revenue officer contacting you. If you have unfiled tax returns, please remember that the IRS will require that those returns be filed. I can obtain your income records (transcripts) from the IRS in order to best prepare your returns.

Once all your returns are filed, then we can determine the best option for you, including:

Offer in Compromise–this is when the IRS agrees to accept less than the full amount of tax debt owed;

Installment Agreements–the IRS will often agree to extend repayment agreements for up to 72 months;

Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)–this is when the IRS agrees to suspend all collections activity for a period of time, usually around 18 months;

Individual Bankruptcy to Discharge Income Tax Debts–very specific guidelines exist for the use of personal bankruptcy to wipe out IRS tax debts;

Using IRS Statutes of Limitations–the IRS has generally a 10 year period to collect its tax debts from you. By ordering your tax transcripts, I can determine when those statutes will expire.

Take the first step and call my office now for a free consultation. Call (412) 920-6565.

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  1. It’s good to know that your best option can be determined once all your returns are filed. I thought I could get an option before doing that. But it won’t be that big of a deal.

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