How Did My Finances Get Like This?


You’re sitting there wondering how it came to this.   You’ve worked hard at building up your career and finding the right job, but now there are creditors or the IRS sending you bills and notices.   It’s all mail you don’t want to open.   Or phone calls you don’t want to answer.   Maybe five years ago, things were going fine, but slowly, gradually, you started to fall behind.

Now, it seems like there aren’t answers, and everything seems more complicated.

On television, there are commercials that promise easy solutions, but it can’t possibly be as easy as that.


There’s Got to Be a Better Way

My solution is to educate my clients better than other lawyers.   Whether it’s my bankruptcy clients knowing more about the Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 process, or learning about the best steps to rebuild their credit rating.   Or whether it’s my IRS clients knowing how to stay out of tax trouble in the future, knowing that it’s important to reorganize their affairs once and for all.


The First Step is to Protect Yourself

You probably never expected to meet with a lawyer to discuss your finances or tax problems.   Don’t worry.   No one expects that.

But the first step is to simply talk.   Tell me your story.  Let me hear what you’ve got to say.

Our meeting will result in an action plan, where you’ll know exactly what the next steps will be.  Sure, you might come in with all kinds of questions, but you’ll leave with a game plan and an idea on where to go next.


How much are the fees?

Are you worried about legal fees or costs?   Don’t be.  I will tell you exactly what the fees will be.  It will be in writing and generally will be a flat fee.    So, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

 The Costs of Delay

You’ve probably wondered if it’s the right time to call a lawyer about your financial problems.   Well, your creditors or the IRS undoubtedly have a different agenda.   Yes, they can seize your assets.   Yes, the IRS will garnish your bank accounts and your paycheck, if you don’t respond to their Notices.

Sometimes, it only takes a quick call and a one-hour office meeting to get to a solution for your problem.   Call my office at 412-920-6565.

If you’re ready to get started, then I am ready to help.


Call 412-920-6565.

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