Our office represents clients with the following legal needs:

1)  Bankruptcy, both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 and Chapter 11, in order to obtain a financial fresh start and to protect property and particularly homes from mortgage foreclosure.  A Chapter 13 case may be the only way that many homeowners can save their homes from foreclosure;

2)  IRS tax problem resolution. We help people with IRS tax debts, either by assisting clients with installment agreements or by proposing Offers in Compromise in which we can reduce the overall amount of tax debt.  If taxpayers have been threatened with levies or wage garnishments, then we can represent clients in Collections Due Process hearings to stop the proposed levy or garnishment.    We represent businesses who have fallen behind with payroll taxes.  We represent individuals and businesses who are behind on tax return filing as well.   Finally, we can examine whether certain clients can wipe out their IRS income tax debts by filing a bankruptcy case.


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