O is for Obligations in Bankruptcy

O is for Obligations in the Bankruptcy Alphabet. When you file any type of bankruptcy, your biggest obligation is to tell the truth. When you sign your bankruptcy petition and schedules, you do so under penalty of perjury. You disclose your assets and their worth along with all of your debts, even those that you intend to repay.

If telling the truth is your biggest obligation, there are others as well. Namely, there are some housekeeping matters. Prior to your case being filed, you’ve got to complete your Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling. Most people choose to complete the Counseling online and it takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete. It’s easy, but nevertheless, it’s essential to complete, because otherwise, your case will be dismissed.

Here’s an important tip if you’re facing a possible foreclosure: complete your Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling ahead of time. Your certificate of completion is good for six months. If you wait too long, then your attorney may not be able to file your case properly.

Another obligation is your Pre Discharge Course, otherwise known as the Financial Management Course. It’s a two-hour class, usually completed online, that addresses basic household financial issues such as budgeting and appropriate credit card usage, as well as tips on rebuilding your credit rating.

I’ve written previously about the Section 341 Meeting of Creditors. For many people, it’s a formality and will only lasts about 10 minutes. You and your attorney will answer questions from the Bankruptcy Trustee assigned to your case. The questions will relate to, among other things, your assets and debts, along with whether you’ve made recent transfers of assets.

Here’s more about the Meeting of Creditors: http://www.pittsburgh-bankruptcy-law.com/blog/bid/59144/What-Actually-Happens-at-a-Chapter-7-Meeting-of-Creditors

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