K is for 4 Reasons to Keep your 401k

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K is for keeping your 401k if you have debt problems. In other words, don’t take out money from your 401k to pay your creditors.

And there are four big reasons for my advice:

  1. You can fully protect your 401k or IRA if you file bankruptcy. Neither the Bankruptcy Trustee nor your creditors can get access to your retirement funds. This is a great aspect of bankruptcy law;
  2. If you borrow from your 401k, then you’ll likely wind up with tax problems with the IRS, because you’ve now got to pay penalty and taxes on that money;
  3. Unless you plan on working forever and never aging (hmm, please share your secrets with me on the never-aging part), then you’ll eventually need those retirement funds in your later years;
  4. Most people, and I’ve met a lot of them who’ve done this, simply don’t have enough retirement funds to fully pay off their debts. So, they wind up broke, with no retirement plan, and they still have a lot of debt left over.
I’ve met with thousands of people with debt problems over the years, and one of the most common complaints they have is that they should have filed bankruptcy sooner. So, it’s important to simply schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney just to learn mre about your legal rights.

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