Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It comes at a good time and it gets me to reflect on friends and family and the things that are going well. Sure, the food is good too, and it’s fun to get together with folks, but what I appreciate is the time to reflect.

So, what does this have to do with bankruptcy law? Many times when I meet with new clients, they’re racked with guilt and anxiety about letting down their creditors. I have to remind them that it’s not like they’re going to get much sympathy or love from the executives at the credit card companies.

Most clients who come into their first consultation in my office are there for a reason; deep down, they know that their debt situations are grave and that they should consider bankruptcy.

Most times too, I can see how bankruptcy will absolutely improve their financial situations. The vast majority of the clients I see will be able to protect all of their property, wipe out their debts and rebuild their credit ratings.

The majority of my clients have had some unfortunate event in their lives. For some, it’s a job loss; for others, it’s a major medical problem or a divorce or separation. It’s simply not their fault that they have become riddled with debt problems.

Thus, if you’re considering bankruptcy, you can’t play the blame game. I tell clients that they’re not permitted to kick themselves about their debts. Instead, folks can improve their financial bottom line and credit rating by getting debt relief and a fresh start. They can take the financial management course (two hours long) that’s required in every bankruptcy case.

My thanks for the opportunity to have worked with so many great clients! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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