H is for Harassment by Creditors

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H is for Harassment by creditors in the Bankruptcy Alphabet. First of all, once your bankruptcy case is actually filed in Court, then your creditors cannot contact you at all. Why? It’s the automatic stay of the Bankruptcy Court which protects you until the Court issues the discharge order (which in a Chapter 7 case is about 4 to 5 months, and in a Chapter 13 case about 3 to 5 years).

Some of the most harassing conduct committed by creditors is done by credit card companies, debt collection companies and payday lenders. These are all unsecured creditors. Generally, they change their tune entirely once they hear that you have hired an attorney to file a bankruptcy case for you.

Over the years, I’ve heard of some pretty outrageous threats from debt collectors:

  • in 2010, an Erie, PA debt collection company created a fake “Court” complete with a fake judge and courtroom;
  • debt collectors have threatened to have constables arrest and incarcerate people who owed debts or who failed to appear for court hearings;

These types of threats simply cannot happen once your bankruptcy case is filed. Until then, it’s possible to actually turn the tables on the debt collectors. How? Once you have retained a bankruptcy attorney, then the attorney can notify all of your creditors in writing that all communications concerning debt collections must be done through the attorney’s office. If the debt collection company persists in contacting the customer directly, then that company may be held liable for violating the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, a federal law that can impose sanctions.

If you are considering bankruptcy, you should save all of your statements and bills from debt collectors, because your attorney will want to include all of those addresses in your bankruptcy petition and schedules. The Court will then notify by mail all of your creditors and any further communication from your creditors will be strictly forbidden.

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