G is for Gambling Debts in Bankruptcy

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G is for Gambling Debts in the Bankruptcy Alphabet. Those of us practicing bankruptcy law are surely seeing an increase in new clients who have incurred debts from local casinos.

The general rule in bankruptcy law in Pennsylvania is that you can discharge (wipe out) gambling debts in bankruptcy (if you do it properly). First, if you’ve incurred any gambling losses in the previous year, you must disclose this fact on your Statement of Financial Affairs which is filed with the Court in your case. If you fail to disclose this, then a gambling creditor could bring this oversight to the Court’s attention. And because all debtors have an absolute duty to disclose matters truthfully, let’s just say that it wouldn’t look too good at that point!

But overall, there is no specific exception to discharge for gambling debts. There are of course certain debts that are clearly non-dischargeable in bankruptcy. Child support and alimony, for example, come to mind as well as criminal court restitution and recent income taxes. These are all debts that are specifically non-dischargeable.

On the other hand, Bankruptcy Code section 523(a)(2)(C) makes a debt non-dischargeable if the debts was for a “luxury good or service” over $1,225 and purchased within 60 days of the filing of the bankruptcy. That section also precludes discharge of cash advances over $1,225 obtained within 60 days of the filing of the bankruptcy.

In most people facing this type of situation, these exceptions can be avoided by simply waiting a longer period of time before filing their bankruptcy case. Once you choose to retain a bankruptcy attorney, then your attorney usually handles all of the communications with your creditors, which obviously makes things easier for you.

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