10 Tips for Success in Your Chapter 13 Case

So, you filed a Chapter 13 case and your Chapter 13 plan has been confirmed by the Court. Your goal at this point is to pay off the total amount in your plan, also known as the plan base. Here are ten things to prepare for:

1) complete your Pre-Discharge Financial Education course and establish a good budget;

2) make sure that you’ve listed all of your creditors;

3) defend yourself against creditors who communicate with you;

4) pay attention to letters sent to you by your mortgage company;

5) stay up to date with your utility payments;

6) keep your vehicles in good condition;

7) pay your homeowners insurance premiums, and watch out for force-placed insurance;

8) if you pay your own real estate taxes, then stay up to date with them;

9) if you’re self-employed, then try to keep your payments as consistent as possible, and

10) if your circumstances change, then you should report the changes to your attorney.

In the coming weeks, I’ll address each of the following tips in more detail. More to follow.

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