Episode 2: How to Tackle Student Loan Debts: an interview with Student Loan Lawyer Chad Van Horn

Chad Van Horn is an attorney based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Chad focuses his practice on bankruptcy and student loan law. Chad stopped by the show to discuss student loan debts and various tips on how to go about managing student loan debt. Chad highlighted many principles surrounding federal and private student loans, how to resolve wage garnishments on your student loans, the keys to taking out federal loans, and much more.

Thanks to Chad Van Horn at https://www.vanhornlawgroup.com.

Show Notes

1:20- About Chad’s Practice

4:25- Federal and Private Student Loans

9:25- How does the statute of limitations relate to Student Loans?

11:40- Problems with debt collection

12:55- Private Student loans and cosigners

14:50- Ways to fix wage garnishments with your Student Loans

16:45- What to do if your tax refund is offsetted

19:20- How long would a consolidation plan take to get out of default and then how do you use that to make progress on your student debts?

23:40- Learning more about public service loan forgiveness

26:40- The IRS and student loans

29:00- Common issues with federal loans

32:40- Keys to taking out federal loans

35:15- Issues with private loans and automatic default

39:30- Private student loans and lawsuits

43:45- Student loan lawsuit defenses

45:30- Abuses in debt collection practices

48:45- Student loans and how they relate to filing bankruptcy

52:20- How to get in touch with Chad Van Horn

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