Episode 1: Fixing Your Credit Rating with Credit Expert Chris McConville

Chris McConville is a nationally-known expert on credit reporting. He is the owner of Cure My Score, a Pittsburgh-based credit repair and restoration service that assists individuals who have credit problems. Chris has been certified as an expert witness in Federal court cases involving credit reporting and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Show Notes

2:00 Basics of credit scoring

4:00 Differences between the credit bureaus; why you have different credit scores in different bureaus

6:30 How to best obtain a credit report and find your score

11:20 What credit score is needed for a car or mortgage loan

13:15 What does working with a credit professional usually result in

18:20 How does filing bankruptcy affect credit scores

21: 40 Why could a credit score increase after filing bankruptcy

23:55 Does owning a business affect credit scores

26:10 What to do if you want to fix your credit card debt on your own

33:20 How to fix your credit after filing bankruptcy

35:50 How long will it take to repair your credit after filing bankruptcy

39:20 Best options for getting loans if you have bad credit

45:15 How will a hard credit inquiry affect someone’s credit score

51:30 What to be mindful of after the Equifax credit breach

56:45 Getting into contact with Chris

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