“C” is for Credit Card Creep

Many prospective clients, when meeting me for the first time in my office, seem to shake their heads and wonder what happened with their finances. They say that they never imagined that they would be considering bankruptcy. I don’t know the percentages, but the financial problems of most people are rooted in the following:

  • divorce or separation
  • job loss
  • medical bills or medical problems
But for many people, their credit card debts have simply risen slowly but gradually over time. I call it “credit card creep”. It’s when folks don’t want to open up their bills or look at their credit report. They’re paying their monthly minimums, but that’s about all. And due to a downturn in income or an increase in living expenses, they’re putting more on their credit cards. Instead of buying groceries with their debit cards, they’re purchasing them on credit.
Believe me, this is easy to happen. So, what’s one to do? Inform yourself of your legal rights. Look into a legitimate debt counseling program such as Consumer Credit Counseling, and ask them for budgeting advice while you’re at it. Schedule a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.
Most of all, keep an open mind and know that it’s likely that a solution exists for you. Remember that a lot of people are in exactly the same boat; it’s just that they don’t let you know it.
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