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Statistics show that around 13,000,000 Americans owe back taxes to the IRS. You may have some of the following problems, which are common to many of the clients I meet:

  • You may have multiple years of unfiled IRS returns, and don’t know where to begin;

  • Your spouse’s tax problems have gotten you in a jam with the IRS, or maybe you are engaged to someone with IRS problems;

  • Your personal relationships have suffered, and you may have gone through a divorce, in no small part due to IRS problems;

  • You have trouble sleeping because of worries about the IRS;

  • You’ve read about the IRS arresting taxpayers who have unfiled returns or who haven’t paid their taxes, and you’re concerning this will happen to you, or

  • You own a small business and you’re good at what you do, but you struggle with IRS tax obligations.

These concerns and more will be answered in this book! Download it today while this information is still available for free.

About the Author

Shawn N. Wright is a principal attorney at the Law Office of Shawn N. Wright, P.C., located in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Law Office of Shawn N. Wright is a federally-defined Debt Relief Agency that helps people file for bankruptcy relief. Mr. Wright assists clients from all areas of southwestern Pennsylvania,  helping them fight back against their mortgage companies  and bill collectors. His practice focuses exclusively on representing individuals and small businesses with debt problems. He does not represent creditors.  

Mr. Wright grew up in Pittsburgh and attended  Montour High School. He obtained a bachelor’s degree  from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and  later spent two years in Zaire as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Upon his return to the United States, he obtained a law  degree at the University of Pittsburgh. He has been in solo  law practice since 1993.  Shawn Wright is married, has three children, and  resides in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh.

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